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How to Prepare for M&A Management Presentations

Posted by SaaSOptics on Feb 6, 2018 9:29:03 AM

Originally posted on The SaaS CFO.

Management Presentations in M&A Due Diligence

The banker said to block my calendar for management presentations.  Excuse me, what are management presentations?  And for two weeks?

Yes, and this is only the halfway point.  The real “fun” in due diligence comes after the management presentations.  However, before we get too far, let’s break down what happens at management presentations and how you can prepare your company and leadership team.

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After a Successful 2017, SaaSOptics Closes $5M to Drive Future Growth

Posted by SaaSOptics on Feb 1, 2018 1:55:48 PM

Looking back, 2017 was an incredible year for SaaSOptics. We expanded our platform with new features, including multi-currency management, launched a deeper Salesforce integration, forged a partnership with Avalara to simplify tax compliance for our customers and added new talent to our team. It’s exciting to watch, but growth is something we don’t take for granted. We know that with growth, comes the responsibility to continue investing in customer success and developing new products and integrations that simplify financial operations for our customers. 

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Four Key Elements for Successful SaaS Financial Operations

Posted by Tim McCormick on Jan 25, 2018 4:36:54 PM

Originally posted on

The importance of subscription renewals in overall business performance today has created opportunities for the CFO role to expand beyond finance to play a bigger part in strategy around customer experience and satisfaction. But, that isnt all thats changed.

With SaaS came real-time data that allows us to make important business decisions with a great deal of accuracy. Audits are easier than ever and we can quickly accurately show potential investors a 360-degree view of business viability. As a result, raising capital is a lot less stressful. And although the benefits of moving to this model are easy to see, understanding the difference between managing the financial operations of a traditional business and recurring revenue model is critical.

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Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs

Posted by SaaSOptics on Nov 30, 2017 9:01:44 PM

Originally posted on The Wall Street Journal.

Here at SaaSOptics, we consistently talk about the risk of having spreadsheets at the center of your finance operations. Selfishly, we'd like to think that the Wall Street Journal reads our blog and in turn wrote the reference article. The reality is there is a market shift in available technology for finance teams. Let this quote speak to the importance of ditching your finance operations spreadsheet: “I don’t want financial planning people spending their time importing and exporting and manipulating data, I want them to focus on what is the data telling us,” Mr. Garrett said. He is working on cutting Excel out of this process, he said. Read the full article here.

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SaaS financial software proves to be right-size ERP replacement

Posted by SaaSOptics on Nov 16, 2017 4:27:52 PM

Originally posted on

A SaaS analytics vendor itself, Market6 decided the cloud technology enabled it to add the revenue recognition and financial management features it needed, without ERP. After researching vendors, Kasallis and his team found SaaSOptics, which offered a new version of what his Excel sheet was doing, except somebody else was processing it using their own cloud-based servers. "It was much quicker and much more efficient. At the same time, we didn't have to house any of this; it was all kept for us. And the reporting was there," he said. But it was the scalability factor that really made a big difference for Market6. Read the full article here.

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Big Companies Don’t Churn. They Quit You.

Posted by SaaSOptics on Oct 20, 2017 11:41:03 AM

Originally posted on

Here at SaaSOptics, we regularly emphasize the importance of churn. Not only the importance of having processes in place to track it, but also the need to understand why churn is happening and how to address it. One of the benefits of accurately tracking churn is that it provides insight for multiple teams in your organization. Finance teams tend to look at churn as the number of customers lost due to cancellations and the associated total lost revenue. However, the Customer Success team in a business can look churn another way - as a metric to know which high-dollar customers to be proactive with. 

In the referenced article from SaaStr, Jason Lemkin stresses the importance of high-dollar customers and provides some ideas on how your customer success team can take advantage of a key financial metric to increase ARR. Read the full article here.

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SaaS Accounting Tips for Founders

Posted by SaaSOptics on Oct 12, 2017 2:04:37 PM

Originally posted on The SaaS CFO.

It's time to get tactical and talk about SaaS accounting. As you grow, it can be difficult to step back and ensure your accounting processes are set up to scale with you and provide the level of data you need to have critical insight into your business. The focus tends to go towards the sales team performance or how your marketing team is driving demand for your product. 

At SaaSOptics, we believe that having efficient financial processes and accurate revenue metrics is as important to your growth as sales and customer growth. In this article from The SaaS CFO, Ben Murray outlines the importance of historical financial data for accurate forecasting and meaningful growth metrics. Read more.

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Don’t Miss the Low-Hanging Fruit—Five Best Practices for SaaS Renewals

Posted by Clayton Whitfield on Oct 4, 2017 2:37:03 PM

You’ve worked hard to acquire your customers, but holding onto them through multiple renewal cycles is really the key to subscription business success. Many SaaS businesses rely on auto-renewals to support the business. This is integral to the subscription business model, but it doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax. Common pitfalls related to renewals include:

  • A lack of data or bad data which prevents you from seeing accurate renewal rates.
  • Relying on untrained non-sales staff to handle renewals.
  • Poor processes (based on the above) that result in customer contracts expiring without a sales call.
  • Absence of knowledge about the best way to engage renewing subscribers.
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Beyond Quickbooks - Advanced Forecasting for B2B SaaS

Posted by Clayton Whitfield on Sep 24, 2017 7:49:20 PM

When it comes to forecasting for a SaaS business, traditional financial metrics won’t get the job done. The lack of good financial data and metrics remains a big problem for most early stage subscription businesses, and even many established SaaS companies. Chances are, your business relies on outside funding or is subject to board oversight—or both. And the decisions that funders and boards make rely on accurate financial forecasting. A SaaS business that can efficiently and accurately generate, present and consume financial forecasting data makes better decisions for continued success. Don’t let your financials become a liability. Instead, you should be using forecasting data as a strategic tool to drive growth, generate new revenues and increase profitability.

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Will a SaaS Revenue Management Team Help My SaaS Company?

Posted by SaaSOptics on Sep 15, 2017 2:30:42 PM

 Orginially posted on Incisive Edge.

Whether your Software as a Service company is a mature, successful corporation or start-up in your first years of operation, you will most likely have multiple revenue channels:

  • Direct sales representatives (either field sales representatives or telesales)
  • Value Added Resellers/Integrator Referral Partners
  • Application marketplaces of complementary SaaS solutions
  • Self-service customers who proactively subscribe for your paid or freemium services

Keeping track of these revenue streams, and creating the marketing campaigns to generate leads for all of them takes careful planning and execution and therefore the question is, do you need a specific SaaS revenue management team? Find out in this blog by David Bowler.   

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